Successful Surgery and Healing

Check out for the wonderful new book “Successful Surgery and Healing”. Lori Mertz has written an incredible book with amazing ideas for successfully getting through surgeries and the healing process. It is a practical guide for patients, caregivers, and advocates. You can go to the website for a copy or contact us for a special discounted copy. Her website also has great tools for patients, which you should definitely check out.

Lori Mertz









Successful Surgery and Healing is your definitive guide, no matter where you are in the surgical process – beginning, middle or end. There is information here to help you! Simple, direct, easy to understand and follow.

The ideas, checklists, templates and worksheets are intended to aid and support anyone preparing for or recovering from surgery. The information is also applicable for anyone taking on a supportive, caregiving or advocacy role such as a spouse, partner, family member, relative or friend.