Fact Sheet: McDonald’s Scalding Coffee Case

It has been a while since we have shared the facts of the infamous “McDonald’s Hot Coffee” Law Suit, so we felt that it is time once again to share the facts about what really happened, how the case was … read more

How do we determine what a case is worth?

The worth of a case is based upon numerous factors. When we evaluate a case, we are trying to determine or estimate what a jury in Utah might award in a case. The insurance company does the same thing. This … read more

Challenges to PIP Payments

We have noticed an increasing number of challenges to personal injury protection (PIP) payments by use of mere medical records reviewing companies. These companies are sometimes based in Arizona, Las Vegas, Florida or other places. They often hire individuals who … read more

Saboteurs In (The) Waiting (Room)

Nearly all doctors I work with have a sort of dichotomy they deal with every day.  It is that personality split between the altruistic, virtue-based, compassionate health care provider and the cold, hard business person who makes the tough decisions. … read more

Utah health insurers post healthy profits

The recession was short-lived for Utah’s health insurance companies. Despite halting economic recovery, all but one of the state’s five largest insurers posted robust profits last year. Some paid fewer medical claims than they expected due to cost-conscious patients delaying … read more

Slip and Fall Injuries

Larson Law represents clients in slip and fall injuries. However, these cases are difficult to bring in Utah. Some people believe that all that is necessary for someone to have a lawsuit is for an injury to occur on someone … read more

Facebook and Risky Disclosures

People love Facebook, Twitter and other social-networking websites to share information about their lives with their “friends.” Twitter will help members “share and discover what’s happening, right now anywhere in the world.” However, many have learned to be careful with … read more