Catastrophic Injury

The Personal Injury Attorneys at Larson Law also have had significant experience handling what is sometimes called catastrophic injury. This is a devastating type of injury that involves many many thousands (or millions) of dollars in medical bills. It often involves many months of rehabilitation, therapy, surgery and often the literal rebuilding of a life or the adaptation to a new way of life for the injured person and his or her family. We are experienced with the use of life care planners, accountants, rehabilitation specialists, neuropsychologists and other types of professionals needed to prove the many different aspects and types of damages or losses that a family suffers because of a catastrophic injury to a family member. Psychologists, social workers and other kinds of professionals are often brought into the mix to aid and assist the family who have to learn to think of their injured family member in a new way.

If you know of someone who has suffered a devastating catastrophic injury, call us so that we can help use a multi-disciplinary approach to provide justice for the injured person and his or her family.