Is it Soup Yet?

In handling the numerous cases we currently have, we make every effort to try to get your patient’s case resolved as soon as practical. It’s important to remember that you, the treating physician, and we, the law firm, are in this together since neither one of us can get compensated (once PIP is exhausted) until the matter is settled or resolved through mediation, arbitration, or trial.

In the usual case, there are a number of “moving pieces” to consider. The most important factor that causes a delay in resolving a case is the length of time it takes the patient to get to the point of resolution of his injuries so that we can be able to effectively evaluate his case. We only get one resolution, and we have to make sure that the settlement is for an appropriate amount, given the best knowledge available as to the extent of your patient’s injuries. Many times new injuries or complications develop or crop up during the course of treatment that are not initially known. In many instances, a case that begins as what appears to be a non-surgical case ends up with our client requiring surgery causing additional frustrating complications or recovery time needed for the surgery.

Although it is not necessary for the patient to be 100% completed with all of his care and treatment, it is necessary for us to know the extent of any necessary future treatment. We are in frequent, although not constant, contact with each of client’s treating physicians. However, many times treating physicians do not respond to our inquiries quickly or tell us when treatment is completed. Sometimes the physician assumes that we know when treatment is completed, possibly thinking that the patient will tell us. However, many times the patients, our clients, do not always tell us when their treatment is completed, assuming that we have heard from the physicians.

We want to get your patient’s case settled or resolved. We want to get it settled or resolved as soon as possible. Therefore, please tell us when his treatment is completed or if or when new developments have occurred that changes the course of his treatment. For example, if you suggest that your patient see a different physician or obtain a MRI, tell us so we can obtain those records and be able to include the cost of that additional treatment and the outcome of that treatment or diagnostic care in our evaluation of the case. Finally, get us the records and bills. Send them to us before the patient is through treating. Send us the rest as soon as the patient is done.

When a hungry person has been invited to dinner, he will often wonder when the soup will be completed. Hence, the cry “Is it soup yet?” is often the age-old question that the hungry partakers wonder. We are hungry to get your patient’s case settled or resolved. We do our best not to interfere in the course of health care treatment, but we need your help to let us know what is going on. You might be telling us things we already know, but that’s okay. Likewise, we need to know if your patient (our client) has repeatedly missed appointments or simply stopped going in for treatment. Letting us know when any changes in treatment occur will help us get your patient’s case moving quicker. Just give us a call and let us know.

It complicates our handling of the case if we do not know how much chiropractic care is involved or what progress is being made. Please do not wait until the case is completed before sending us what records you have.

Email us if you’d like or give us a call. Our office number is 801-601-8323.