Whiplash, Soft Tissue, or Connective Tissue Cases

Guy AccidentWhether your injury is referred to as a whiplash, soft tissue or connective tissue case, we understand the language. Sometimes these injuries are also called CAD, or cervical acceleration and deceleration injuries. Whatever the title, we understand not only the nature of the injuries, but also the best solutions for both getting you better and presenting your claim to the insurance company, mediator, arbitrator, or jury. Whether your soft tissue case involves chiropractic care, physical therapy, or neurosurgery, we understand the many health care options available to you. More importantly, we understand how your physician needs to document his file in order to demonstrate and prove what the general public often doesn’t know: that whiplash and soft tissue injury cases sometimes are the most painful and frustrating injuries to recover from. We can aggressively work with your physicians in order to present the best and strongest case possible in your behalf.